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WeWeb allows me to create fully customizable frontends of web apps that display data from any API (Airtable, Xano…), in complete autonomy. Like a new superpower for me, who's not a dev at all. I definitely love this tool.

Patrice Cassard

Entrepreneur - objts.co

Sync existing databases

Using WeWeb was a game-changer for me and my business. Being able to build a website visually atop of the Airtable data I already used to manage my business meant I didn't need to reenter data across multiple platforms or try to fit my data into systems that weren't designed for it.

Alexander MacIntyre

Director - Manifesto Coffee

Ship faster

WeWeb was an incredible tool for us. It helped us ship a job board for our main online event in two weeks, instead of months if we had to develop it ourselves. We used our data stored in Coda to get to work instantaneously on the apps frontends. Highly recommend.

Benjamin Malartic

VP Product - PlatoHQ

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